When Your Dental Insurance Lets You Down, Come To Costa Rica

Many dental procedures are not fully covered through private health insurance, and a cosmetic surgery such as an aesthetic update is not covered at all. Individuals now go abroad for dental tourism, saving almost 70 percent compared to their home country. The savings are so radical that after paying for a plane ticket, the procedure and visiting the country for a couple days, it would still cost less in total compared to dental service back in the States.

Many knowledgeable patients are learning the benefits of getting their dental care in Costa Rica at huge savings and then being reimbursed for some of these procedures by their insurance plan when they return home.

Procedures that can cost up to $30,000 in the US can cost less than $10,000 in Costa Rica. Additionally, you can get reimbursed from your insurance company and may pay less than $7,500 overall. You can even enjoy a few days of vacation in this tropical paradise and still end up paying much, much less.

Lower prices, however, do not mean lower quality. The leading clinics in Costa Rica have specialists that are members of the American Dental Association, the American Prosthodontic Society, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and other highly reputable dental organizations. You will find the same quality of care, equipment, brands, and materials that you would find at home. In fact, some of the top clinics in Costa Rica exceed the expectations of most patients, who report that these clinics have more advanced technology and training than many clinics in the US.

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