Better Health is Going Places is a worldwide online healthcare and wellness directory that allows consumers and prospective patients a fast and easy method to research alternative treatments and procedures and to contact these healthcare providers for additional information. And importantly, it gives participating doctors, clinics and hospitals an opportunity to profit from the boom in medical tourism currently estimated at $45 to $72 billion and expected to explode to grow at a rate of 25% per year.

DestiWellness has been developed out of the realization that healthcare has reached a crisis in some countries and that an aging population driven by “baby boomers” will increasingly travel wherever they need to access the care that will maximize their quality of life. Already, there are an estimated 14 million medical tourists annually.

In Canada alone, there are an estimated 875,000 people on a waiting list for surgery or some other medical procedure (e.g., diagnostic test). An estimated 300,000 Canadians will travel abroad annually for some type of procedure.

The treatments and procedures these medical tourists seek might not be available to them at home — they might be priced more cost-effectively or they may offer faster access. In some instances, they may be booked as part of a traditional vacation or they may be the primary reason for the trip in the first place.

Easy to Use

There is no charge for visitors to view or search DestiWellness. The directory is extremely easy to navigate and use — even by just an occasional computer user or web enthusiast. With just a few clicks, the growing database of listings can be quickly searched by category of care (or procedure) and/or location to yield the desired information.

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