Wellness Travel in Africa’s Wilderness

Wellness Travel in Africa’s Wilderness

For those looking to mix wellness travel with adventure, Africa is a prime destination. An article published on discusses the findings outlined in the WTM Global Trends Report 2016, which indicates that Africa's tourism industry is “ideally placed to benefit from current interests in wellness travel.” Safari holidays, in particular, are increasingly adding yoga, spa and meditation to their itineraries.

The Global Wellness Summit also found that, in 2014, wellness travel was growing at 74% more than regular global travel. From the article, “another factor in the rise of Africa's tourism is the emphasis on sustainable and reduced footprint holidays, with increasing importance placed on ensuring the benefits of tourism are directly and indirectly shared with the local economy.”

South Africa and Kenya are also embracing the trend of mindfulness travel, a new concept that “looks to capitalise on the emotional and spiritual benefits of tourism.” Euromonitor International believes the entire region could benefit, and the animal migrations seen across Botswana and Tanzania could be the centre-focus of a wellness or mindfulness vacation.

World Travel Market senior director Simon Press says, "Wellness in the wilderness combines a number of emerging travel and consumer trends, and Africa lends itself to adventure and relaxation in a natural environment which can also satisfy the demand from travellers for a sustainable and responsible experience."

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