Top Reasons Why Aussies Choose Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is a top choice when it comes to medical tourism for Australian tourists with over 15,000 traveling there each year. Thai doctors already have about a 90 percent Australian client base, with the yearly average expected to be about $300 million with the influx of patients.

Due to long waiting lists in their home countries, many individuals are traveling to Thailand destinations from Bangkok to Phuket for treatments such as rhinoplasty, facelifts and breast augmentations. The heavy investment into Bumungrad International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital in the capital makes them two of the largest private medical facilities in the country which has experienced an influx of Aussie patients.

The exclusive hospitals are one of the top reasons why Australians choose this country, with the groundbreaking technology and clinics. With advanced technology and a sports injury rehab wing where professional athletes have been treated, it is evident why it is a top destination. The amount patients save is significant. A facelift at home would cost around $10,000, compared to $4,200 in Thailand, savings of about 30-40 percent.

Not only are the hospitals advanced, but also the quality of healthcare is above standards. The patient-to-nurse ratio in Australia is one nurse to eight patients, whereas in Thailand it is one nurse to four patients.

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