The World’s 8 Best Countries for Dental Tourism

People often avoid dental procedures because of the discomfort, but sometimes the price is the scariest part. A report by Bernie Sanders in 2012 stated that approximately 40% of the U.S. population is without dental insurance.

Hence, many individuals now go abroad for dental procedures, saving almost 70% compared to the cost of the same procedure in their home country. The savings are so radical that after an individual purchases a plane ticket, pays for a procedure, and visits the country for a couple of days, the cost is still lower in comparison to dental service in the United States.

Listed below are the top eight countries for dental tourism.

#1 – Mexico

With people coming from all over the world, it is recognized for its amazing prices and reputable clinics. Many hospitals and major facilities have gained international recognition for their affiliation with major education institutions.

#2 – Thailand

Although flights may be pricy, Thailand offers some of the best dental services globally at the best prices. Not only does the country offer top-quality practices and cater to international clients, but it’s also a beautiful vacation destination.

#3 – Panama

Panama is the only hospital in Central America that is associated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Recognized for its topnotch dentists, the country also has exquisite beaches and tourist spots.

#4 – Philippines
The Philippines is home to three major dental clinics that have been recognized for meeting world-class medical clinic standards. With the exceptional dentists, affordable prices, perfect beaches and amazing hospitality, it is without a doubt one of the best countries for dental tourism.

#5- Spain

Not only does Spain have world-class beaches, but it’s also the cheapest place in Europe for incredible dental services. With A+ services and exceptional vacation spots, it is a must-try destination.

#6 – Hungary

Hungary is definitely Europe’s most popular choice for dental tourism. With prices almost 70% cheaper compared to the US, Hungary is known for its famous dentists, start-of-the-art accommodations, and highly knowledgeable staff.

#7 – Romania

Since the 70s, Romania has been a key player in the dental tourism sector. Though there may not be a wide selection of vacation spots, it is the place to go for first-rate dental treatments at affordable prices.

#8 – India
With India holding the second largest population on the planet, there is an abundant amount of options. It is the cheapest, best price-to-quality country, with many facilities offering to organize your travels while arranging appointments as well. With many of the dentists educated within the United States, tourists get Indian prices for U.S. procedures. It is the best of both worlds!

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