Mexico Is a Top Medical Tourism Destination

Mexico Is a Top Medical Tourism Destination

Mexico has always been considered a top tourism destination, long known for its beautiful sandy beaches, rich history, and incredible biodiversity. Aside from being considered one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, Mexico is also becoming a top medical tourism destination. Recently featured on Al Jazeera, reporter Manuel Rapalo visits Tijuana, Mexico, to find out what is attracting so many medical tourists from around the world.

How many people are travelling to Mexico for healthcare? From an article published on Al Jazeera, “over 1 million people are expected to travel to Mexico this year for affordable or alternative medical procedures, most hailing from the United States, where healthcare costs keep rising.”

Medical tourism in Mexico brings in over 3 billion dollars every year. “Part of the attraction is its unconventional cancer treatments, which are either too expensive to access in patients' home countries or not approved.”

Exerting caution, however, should always be priority number one. Medical professionals are advising patients to do their research when choosing their medical facility, since not all of them are up to international standards.

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