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Medical Tourism Market

The global medical tourism market has seen substantial growth over the past couple of years because of the world-class treatment, minimal waiting periods and exceptional service at a lower cost compared to home countries. Evidently, the market has a predicted growth rate of a striking 21.4% of CAGR (2017-2023) according to Market Research Future (MRFR).

With a deep dive into the regional analysis, it is evident that the APAC market is holding the leading spot, holding almost 43.7% of the whole market under its dominion. Specifically dominating the market is cosmetic treatments, with the popularity and need for face rejuvenation and breast reconstructions bringing in substantial market share. 

To guarantee patient influx, many emerging economies have enriched aspects of their countries to attract medical tourists, such as medical infrastructure and technological facilities. For instance, the Indian government is launching medical visas for easier interaction, while other countries are thriving with their rehabilitation facilities.

Without a doubt, if countries continue to execute these strategies and initiatives, there will be even stronger signs of market expansion.

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