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How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost?

Turkey is recognized as one of the top medical destinations around the world, specifically specializing in hair transplant procedures, with hundreds performed every day. Turkey is known for its highly skilled doctors, advanced technology, and ultra-hygienic clinics.

Turkey is particularly known for its follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation method. This procedure takes about three to four hours to complete, and will give the client a beautiful, natural final look.

Patients do not have to worry about the quality of a hair transplant, because the doctors are highly trained and have years of experience in order to perform top quality treatments. High quality medical facilities can be found in almost every city of Turkey, with the most popular being Istanbul and Izmir.

Where this surgery can cost up to almost $30,000 in the US, prices start at $1,500 USD in Turkey. Not only will patients save money on the procedure, but they are able to add on services such as accommodations and medications for cheaper prices, as well.

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