Dubai Is Becoming a Hotspot for Plastic Surgery Tourism

Dubai Is Becoming a Hotspot for Plastic Surgery Tourism

According to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the United Arab Emirates is seeing a rise in demand for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, and they’re becoming one of the main attractions for medical tourists.

An article published on states, “In 2016, Dubai witnessed an overall growth of 9.5 per cent in the number of medical and health tourists, with 326,649 international medical visitors. The revenue generated from international patients was worth more than Dh1 billion, reinforcing the growing contribution of the sector to the national GDP.”

Hospitals in Dubai are reporting a spike in medical tourists looking to save costs on plastic surgery. One hospital in Dubai saw more than a quarter of patients from outside the GCC during the summer months this past year, as reported in the Khaleej Times. The top three surgical procedures performed over the summertime were:

  • Liposuction, which made up 45 percent of cosmetic procedures;
  • Breast surgery (31 percent); and
  • Body lift surgery (10 percent).

The popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures has also been rising in the UAE, with Botox and fillers making up almost a third (32 percent) of all non-surgical treatments carried out between March and June.

According to Dr. Marwan Ahmad Al Zarouni, Head of Plastic Surgery Department at Rashid Hospital and President of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, the fact that rejuvenation procedures are quick and effective has contributed to their popularity. “People leading busy lives do not need to take too much time away for these treatments. However, the key is to ensure that people go to licensed practitioners and use quality products to avoid complications.”

Dr. Zarouni also explains the difference between two different kinds of surgery available in Dubai. “Cosmetic surgery is not necessary and occurs because the person wants to achieve a certain vision of beauty. These include procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction. Reconstructive plastic surgery is necessary and is used to treat issues such as congenital conditions and burns. It is the use of surgery to restore the form and function of the body.”

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